Cold Stamping Foils


This foil is developed as the extra needs from the traditional stamping fields such as HI Speed, In-Line, Half Tone, and special effect requirements.

Overview of Products:
  1. For Graphic Industry
  2. For Security Industry
Requirements: UV Division, Cold Stamping Foil, Plastic Plate, UV Adhesive, Substrate

Type of COLD Stamping Machines:
  1. Flexo
  2. Letter Press
  3. Offset
Operation Condition:
  1. UV Adhesive and it’s apply amount
  2. Machine Speed
  3. Foil Tension Control
  4. UV Lamp and the Curing Power
  5. Hardness of the Plate
Color Guide:
  1. Standard Plain Color: Gold, Metalized Glossy Silver, Red, Blue, Green, …. Etc.
  2. Standard Hologram Color
  3. Special Shade
Special Remarks:
    • Different kind of foil & UV Adhesive may suit for different kind of Substrate / Material / Machinery, please choose/find the suitable one for best resolution.
    • Experience shows the substrates, stamping machine and operating conditions can vary, and users of our products are urged to verify, so strong recommend in testing before your volume running of your jobs.
    • Sample roll is available upon request.
    • Un-coated/ Un-treatment, rough, not-even surface is not suit for Cold Stamping Process