Please check our suggestion in the general Sticker/ Label Application;

1. All Glue/ Adhesive used for Sticker/ Label are P.S.A. (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)---Please give enough Pressure when you/ your customers use.

2. The Sticker/ Label we sell in market is a General Purpose Adhesive---It is hard to cover all kinds of materials you may put on---Please test it before you start to print/run your job.

3. Different kind of Glue/ Adhesive to meet your Special requirement could be done by request.---Please feel free to contact us, if ever.

For our General Purpose Adhesive/ Glue, please check the Application Guide as following;

A) Suitable to be applied to normal Metal article, but please test first if this metal may contain Copper or it is Alloy.

B) Suitable to be applied to normal Plastic article. But, lot of plastics owing to it’s processing in Injection or extrusion molding---It may be contaminated by the Silicone Oil type de-molding agent, is not easy to adhere onto; please clean the plastic surface & test it in advance before you print/ use.

C) Suitable to be applied to Glass works; but please pay attention to whether the surface curvature is too high or not.

D) It may not suit to be applied under High RH (Relative Humility) circumstance.

E) It may not suit to be applied onto Plastic for which it contains Plasticizer, as following for example;

    a) Semi-Rigid; Semi-Soft & Soft PVC article.

    b) Synthetic latex (Film) articles.

F) Please test before you use in following articles—rough surface (Sugar-Cane Fiber Board), Rubber Products, Form (PE/ EVA/ PU) & PE. P.P Plastic.

4. To be a quality supplier in Label Materials Industrial for 16 years in the Philippines Market, HIT always do our best to control quality in our productions. Please do your own test before your volume running, especially for the different applications.

5. Any question about Sticker/ Label Materials---Please feel free to contact us---We will give you our best suggestion.