Personal Care Industry

The personal care industry sets high technical and aesthetic requirements on labels that need to be:

  • conformable and squeezable

  • resistant to water, oils and chemicals

  • assistive in visual differentiation

  • supportive of a strong brand image.

We supply range of polyethylenes (PEs) and polypropylenes (PPs) covers the majority of application.

    PP Clear
    PP White
    PP Silver
    PP Synthetic
"No -Label Look" Clear Filmic PP Label

For Squeezable Packing:

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Raflex Plus is UPM Raflatac’s own innovation in filmic labelling. This unique polyolefin-based face material combines the conformability and flexibility required for contoured and squeezable packing with high clarity. These are the most valued properties of PE and PP in a single material specially designed for personal care applications.

Raflex Plus Clear
Raflex Plus White