Tips to Customers

Hot stamping foils :

    Conventional metallic stamping foil and holographic stamping foils:

    A) For Graphic Arts: Greetings Cards, Wedding Invitations, Cartons, Boxes, Sheet-Fed and Reel-Fed Labels, Visiting Cards.

    B) For Plastic Products: Cosmetics Boxes, Folders, Pens, Fruit Dishes, Synthetic Leather(Book Covers and Footwear), Name Cards (PVC or PP Paper)

    C) For Card Industries: Various applications for Paper or Plastic Cards, Bank Cards, Membership Cards, ID Cards, Phone Cards, Tickets,…etc.

    D) For Fabrics: Labels, and Decorative and Industrial Uses.

    E) For Wood Products: Calendars, Pens & Pencils, Wooden Tablets, Picture Frames

Cold stamping foils:

    New development stamping technology in offering Wider applications, Attractive & Special effects for those Non-Heat Resistance Surface of Papers, Films, and Label requirements, which by using Cold stamping foil together with the UV adhesives.

    A) For Graphic Applications:

    B) For Deluxe Products:

    C) For Special Purpose: