Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Label faces and ribbon compatibility

The chemical and physical properties on the surface of the labelstock's face material determine the type of thermal transfer ribbon that will be compatible. There are three main types of ribbon.
    1. WAX Ribbons - are the most commonly used ribbon type and provide an economical solution for thermal transfer. Designed for use with flat-type print heads. It can be used with comparatively absorbent uncoated face papers that have a low smoothness of around 3.0 µm ( PPS 10 ) as well as with coated papers.

    2. WAX / RESIN Ribbons - supply high performance for a variety of end-uses. The mechanical resistance of the printed image is very good and it is possible to print 90° bar codes. It is intended for use with non - absorbent materials such as coated paper and films, but they can also be used with Vellum when exceptional mechanical resistance is required. Wax /Resin ribbons can be printed with a near-edge print heads.

    3. RESIN Ribbons - are designed for use in very demanding applications. The images printed with a resin ribbon have very high resistance to mechanical wear, solvents and heat. This type of ribbon is usually used on filmic face materials like PE, PP and PET. It requires comparatively less transfer ink to produce an opaque image.

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